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How to make a template

Another way to get a new piece of glass is to send us a template. This is particually helpful if the glass is an unusual shape or is shaped.

There are two ways to make a template.


If you have the broken glass

Stove glass can be broken for a number of reasons. A common reason is by tightening the screws too tight on your glass. When the fire gets hot, the metal door expands, but the glass doesn’t and therefore it cracks, or as seen below a log has not been placed far enough back into the wood-burner, and this has broken the glass.

Start by carefully piecing together the broken glass to its original shape on a white piece of paper or card.

Broken Glass

Making sure you hold the glass tightly together, using a thin pen (a biro is best), carefully draw around the glass.

Holding Glass

Drawing Round The Glass

When you have drawn around the glass carefully remove it.


Don’t forget to write your name, full address, postcode and telephone number inside the template before posting it to us for a quotation.

Name & Address


If you don’t have the glass

 Use a tape measure to measure the inside of your stove door aperture and use these measurments to cut out a cardboard template to fit the glass aperture of your door.

Measuring CardboardCutting Template


Offer the cardboard template up to the glass aperture, trimming and adjusting as necessary, making sure there is a 2mm gap between the template and the glass aperture. 

 Finally measure the template and input the sizes into our website under “stove glass/glass cut to size”  to get a price. This only applies to rectangular or square glass. If your glass is shaped please make a template as above, and send it to us, remembering to put your contact details on the template, and we will contact you with a quoation.

Cardboard Cut OutCardboard 2mm Gap

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