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How to measure for your replacement stove door glass

Some wood burning stove doors have an aperture which the glass fits into. Be careful how you measure these. Some hints and tips are shown below as accuracy is important.


  • Measure the height and width inside the aperture of where the glass will go.


  • As you can see the aperture in this picture measures 215mm. You should deduct 2-3mm to allow for clearance.

  • Look out for protrusions into the glass frame aperture as shown below and adjust for accordingly.

  • In the case of this next door there is no aperture just a groove for the rope seal behind the glass and the glass should just cover this.

If you don’t know the make and model of your stove to be sure to get an accurate glass size cut out a cardboard template to fit the glass aperture of your door.


Cutting A Cardboard Cutout           Measuring The Cardboard



cardboard templategap 2mm







Offer the cardboard template up to the glass aperture making sure there is a 2mm gap between the template and the glass aperture.

Finally measure the template and input the sizes in “stove glass/glass cut to size”  to get a price. This only applies to rectangular or square glass.