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AGA Baffle Plates

Baffle plates, sometimes known as a throat plate, are plates usually made of metal that sit inside the stove over the firebox.

The AGA baffle plate blocks off the direct exit to the chimney which means that the hot flue gases have to travel further before they get out of the stove.

This means that there is more time for the flue gases to be mixed with air and fully combust in the firebox and therefore more heat can be transferred from the firebox to the stove.

An AGA baffle plate makes the stove more efficient and can increase the heat output.

Baffles and Throat Plates

A baffle is important as it creates a barrier between the intense heat created from your fire, and the top of the your wood stove.

Baffle Plates also help create a path for smoke and gases to find their way towards the flue.

Secondary combustion is also created through the help of a baffle, by reflecting heat and any un-burnt particles and gases back towards the fire.

This helps ensures a complete and efficient burn.

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