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Standard Rope

Standard  Rope.

Not sure what size rope you need? Just tease a piece of the existing rope out from around the edge of the door, form it back into a round shape, and then put a ruler across it to measure the diameter. Once you have this measurement in millimetres you will then need to determine whether the rope is standard or soft. Please see the following descriptions.

Standard Rope (sometimes known as hard rope)

Standard Rope is only ever used around the edge of the stove door never behind the glass. If you squeeze it gently it doesn’t compress much and has a firm feel due to the tight weave.

Soft Rope

A rope sometimes used for the edge of the stove door and for behind the glass. If you squeeze it gently it will compress to about a third of its size.

If your stove door requires soft rope behind the glass, there will be a groove into which the soft rope will fit. If there is no groove you will need Ceramic Paper.

Ceramic Paper

Ceramic Paper is only ever used behind the glass. It is very easy to cut and is either 6mm wide (1/4″) or 10mm wide (3/8″) and is about 3mm (1/8″) thick. If your stove is fitted with this, simply remove all traces of the existing Ceramic Paper. Cut the new Ceramic Paper to size and lay this in the recess where your glass will sit held in place with a couple of dabs of high temperature adhesive. Lay your glass on top and replace your clips and screws. Remember not to over tighten.

Self Adhesive Flat Seal

Your current seal looks like rope behind the glass, but it is completely flat. You will find that this is probably self-adhesive flat seal, which comes in widths of 12mm and 25mm.  It looks like woven rope but has a sticky backing. This can be found by clicking the following link

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