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Stovax RIVA 40 Lower Baffle Plate BSTRIVA40LOWER


Stovax RIVA 40 Lower Baffle Plate
Baffle plates, sometimes known as throat plates, are plates usually made of metal that sit inside the stove over the firebox.
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Stovax RIVA 40 Lower Baffle Plate

Stovax RIVA 40 Lower Baffle Plate that sits inside the stove over the firebox.

The baffle plate blocks off the direct exit to the chimney which means that the hot flue gases have to travel further before they get out of the stove.

This means that there is more time for the flue gases to be mixed with air and fully combust in the firebox and therefore more heat can be transferred from the firebox to the stove.

A baffle plate makes the stove more efficient and can increase the heat output.

Why buy your Stovax RIVA 40 Lower Baffle Plate from ADS Stoves?

ADS Stove Spares and Repairs is a family run business based in Leicestershire. Our team have many years experience in supplying parts for wood burning and multi fuel stoves.  We also have full workshop facilities for repairs and refurbishments.

As well as baffle plates we also stock a large range of products for your wood burning or multi fuel stove, from high quality heat resistant Schott Robax glass, to British made fire bricks, rope kits, stove glass clips and a full range of cleaning products, paints and glues.  Please Contact Us via telephone or email if you need any help or advice. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and helpful customer service.

Schott Robax glass from ADS Stove Spares

We pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality stove glass for your wood burning or multi-fuel stove. That is why here at ADS Stove Spares & Repairs we only supply the best quality heat resistant glass-ceramic from SCHOTT ROBAX®. They are a German company who have been manufacturing specialty glass for more than 130 years. Robax glass is a strong reliable material perfect for wood burning stoves. Because of the very low thermal expansion, our glass resists extremely high temperature of up to 760c as well as hot and cold shocks.


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